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How Long Should a Sump Pump Last?

Posted by on Wednesday, 26 January, 2011

Homeowners want to know: How long will my sump pump last? When do I need to replace my sump pump? After all, the worst scenario is to have a great-working sump pump year-round, only to have it malfunction during a heavy rain storm, when the ground is saturated.

This question has no definitive answer, but there are some determining factors for the lifespan of a sump pump.

Quality of the pump

Simply put, if you have installed a cheap pump, you shouldn’t expect for it to last as long as a more durable sump pump. Trying to save money by installing a cheaper pump will probably cost more in the long run. A durable sump pump should probably be a name brand pump (with a long reputation for long-lasting pumps). No matter what the brand, the pump should be made of cast iron and have a reliable float switch. Oftentimes, an unreliable switch is the cause of sump pump malfunction.

Size of the sump pit / pump

Your sump pump was made to run so that water can be removed from your basement and the ground beneath it, but it was not made to run constantly. However, if the sump pit basin is too small or too large, the pump may run constantly.  If the basin is too small, the pit may be filled with water before the pump has time to remove it. If the basin is too large, the will attempt to remove ground water that it receives, including ground water that was no threat to your home. In either scenario, your sump pump is being overworked.

Replacing the sump pump

So, when should you replace the sump pump? Most basement waterproofers offer systems with one pump or a primary and backup pump. With these systems, they recommend replacing the pump every 5-7 years, just in case. How much money is being wasted on “just in case”? Who knows how many more years are left in a pump? And, even if you replace the pump every 7 years, what if it goes out in 6? You might not know it until your basement is flooding.

Dry Basement™ Systems has their own sump pump systems that will save you from the guesswork, spending more money than necessary and potential basement water problems. The Dry Basement™ PumpWorks™ sump pumps include two pumps, but the second pump is never used until the primary pump fails. Once this pump fails, the second pump takes over, and is used until its lifespan is up. Meanwhile, you can calmly call your Dry Basement™ service team and tell them that your sump pump alarm alerted you that one of your pumps failed, and that it should be replaced.

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