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What Causes Water Leaks in the Basement?

Posted by on Tuesday, 19 October, 2010

What Causes Water Leaks in the Basement

The first step to waterproofing your basement is to find the source of the leak. We understand that, apart from internal leaks like washers or water heaters, there are just three types of water leaks in the basement.

1. Through the walls

Water seepage through basement wall cracks is the most common source of basement water problems. Most basement walls have cracks from the curing process of the concrete. If these cracks allow any amount of water to seep through, they will deteriorate and the water leakage will worsen. Honeycombed concrete, pipe penetrations or tie rod ends can also be a cause of water leaking through the walls.

2. Through the floor or floor / wall joint

Your basement should have a drain tile and sump pump system to prevent water from rising through the floor or floor/wall (cove) joint. If water is coming up through the floor or cove joint, it is possible that your sump pump or drain tile system has malfunctioned.

3. Over the top of the wall

Water that comes over the top of the wall can usually be fixed from the outside. If the soil grade has been built up higher than the concrete, water may seep over the top of the wall. Another problem can be a caulking, tuckpointing or roofing problem.

Whatever the cause, we know that you want a solution! Dry Basement HouseHolder® Systems has solutions to solve your basement water problems. Watch the video below for more information, and see some live testimonials from some of our customers.

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