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3 Basement Finishing Mistakes

Posted by on Monday, 21 February, 2011

Finishing your basement is a great decision. So much extra living space is added to your home, and the resale value can be  increased greatly as well. Turning your basement into a comfortable living space is an investment that will last for a long time if it is done properly. Unfortunately, there are some mistakes that people commonly make when they finish their basement.

Using wrong wall materials

Most people are comfortable in the upstairs of their home, so it’s natural to want your basement to feel just as comfortable. In order to create an upstairs environment downstairs, people make a common mistake of using the same wall materials for the basement. The finished result will look really nice and feel very comfortable, but once basement moisture causes the wood studs to rot and mold to grow, you will be forced out of the basement and into another remodel job.

There are special basement wall materials that are specifically for the humid basement environment. Basement Magic®‘s engineers have developed the Magic Wall System™ for this very situation. These basement wall panels work with your existing basement waterproofing system to channel water from any basement wall cracks that should develop and keep moisture out of the finished basement.

Using wrong floor materials

One of the best things about the upstairs is the carpet and beautiful hardwood floors. As well as they work upstairs, they are definitely the wrong materials for a basement floor. The same enemies to your basement walls—moisture and water—will have you ripping up carpet, hardwood and laminate flooring.

The good news is that there are special flooring tiles that work great in basements. These basement flooring tiles are squares of flooring that piece together to create a nice floor for your basement family room, office or bedroom. They come with several color options for carpet, or nice wood floor tiles. Their special design allows them to withstand the ravishes of the basement, look good, and feel great beneath your feet.

Not planning for water problems

Few people would finish their basement while it is leaking, but often, homeowners finish their problem-free basement without thought of future basement water problems. Basements are quite susceptible to water seepage and flooding, so it is only wise to plan ahead for such an event and prevent a catastrophe. This should begin with an inspection by a qualified basement waterproofer to determine the likelihood of a water problem, and where it might show up.

They should also recommend a waterproofing system, which is your insurance against a future water problem. This will consist of, at minimum, a drainage system and sump pump. If a crack were to develop in the in the basement wall or floor, the water should be channeled away from the basement, and never have a chance to destroy your valuable things or disturb your new livings space.

They enemy to any basement is water and moisture. By taking precautions and avoiding these mistakes, you can enjoy your basement for years to come!

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