How To Know If You Need a Basement Waterproofer

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Basements are great to have because they add so much extra space to your home, but they can be a big headache when a water problem occurs. Because basements are in the ground, they are susceptible to high humidity, water seepage and flooding. These problems, however, can be permanently fixed by a professional, basement waterproofing contractor. Here are some tips to let you know if you need a basement waterproofer:

Check after a heavy rain

If there is a water problem in the basement, it certainly will be evident after a heavy rainfall. Visit your basement within the next 24 hours to check for signs of seepage. Listen for running or dripping water, and look for puddles of water on the floor. If you have a sump pump, make sure that it is adequately able to pump all of the water that has collected in the sump pit.

Basement wall discoloration

A discolored basement wall is an indication that there has been water seepage in the wall. The discoloring may be a dark stain or peeling if the wall is painted. Basements in a high water table may experience this kind of seepage as water makes its way through basement wall cracks.

Mold or Rust

Look for a signs of mold growth on the walls, floor or on the stuff that you store in your basement. If there is mold growth, this is a sure sign of increased moisture in the basement, as moisture is necessary for mold to grow. Also look for rust on metal surfaces in the basement. Rusty metal will also indicate a high moisture problem.

Visible water damage

A water problem in a finished basement may cause damage to the walls. Look for damage, such as rotting, at the base of the wall. Check drywall, plaster and paneling for signs of cracking or buckling. Unfinished basement walls that have suffered damage might also show signs of buckling or cracks in the concrete.


Look for a white, chalky deposit on basement walls. This is efflorescence, and it is a sign of a moisture problem. It is the result of water that has seeped through porous concrete and evaporated. The water makes these pores larger and creates a potentially worse problem.

Finishing a basement

When finishing your basement, it is important to bring in a basement waterproofer to inspect your basement and waterproofing system, or install a system if there is not one already in place. Finishing the basement without a properly functioning waterproofing system is asking for trouble.

What a basement waterproofer does

A basement waterproofer will inspect your basement for current water seepage and potential problems. After inspection, they will provide an estimate for a complete waterproofing solution. This solution will involve repair of basement wall and floor cracks that a problematic, as well as installation of a system to keep your basement dry. They system will include a drainage system with a sump pump that will keep water out of your basement.

To request a free consultation and estimate, call Dry Basement Systems at 816-741-8500, or send a request through their website.

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