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What Causes Foundation Settlement?

Posted by on Thursday, 13 January, 2011

There are many signs of foundation settlement:

  • Foundation wall cracks are offset
  • Basement floor is cracked or not level
  • Basement walls are leaning, bowed or buckling
  • Doors and windows don’t open or close properly
  • There are cracks in the upstairs walls or ceilings
  • There are gaps under the baseboards
  • The upstairs floors are uneven or slanting
  • Outside brickwork or caulking is cracked
  • Concrete next to the foundation has sunk
  • The chimney is pulling away from the house

You may have seen one or more of these signs, but what causes these foundation settlement problems?

Uneven dirt compaction

Often, a house is built on fill dirt. Earth moving machines move dirt from the high areas and fill the low areas with it. Although it should be, the dirt is not always compacted. Over time, the dirt will be compacted by water that enters the soil, as well as gravity. Because this compaction may not be consistent, the ground beneath the foundation becomes uneven, and the end result is fracturing of your foundation.

Soil movement

In Kansas City especially, the ground is largely composed of clay soils. Much like a sponge, these clay soils shrink and swell in reaction to the amount of water in them. The foundation drops when the soil dries out; it rises when it is wet and swells. This dramatic movement can cause the basement and foundation walls to crack and buckle.

Foundation settlement solutions

Homeowners might be alarmed when they see a large crack forming in their foundation, basement wall, or upstairs walls or ceilings, but Dry Basement™ HouseHolder® Systems has been repairing foundations with settlement problems like these for over 35 years. Their patented solutions like the HouseHolder® Anchor System, HouseHolder® Pier System and FloorHolder™ System have been improved and perfected over the years, and provide a permanent solution to a settling foundation. Thousands of Kansas City homes have been repaired without ever again suffering from foundation settlement.

Dry BasementHouseHolder® Systems is located in Kansas City, MO and serves a customer area of a 180 mile radius, including much of Missouri and Kansas, as well as parts of Iowa, Nebraska and Oklahoma.
They can be reached at 816-741-8500, or toll free 800-368-7437

Dry Basement HouseHolder® Systems
5121 East Front Street
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