Is Your Crawl Space Affecting Your Health?

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Is Your Crawl Space Affecting Your Health?

A second thought

You might not think about your crawl space very often. Most people don’t. It’s used for storage, if for anything, but you certainly never go down there. If the condition of your crawl space affected your health, would you give it a second thought? Well, the condition of your crawl space affects your health. According to building scientists, 50% of the air that you breathe in your home came from through the crawl space.  The natural flow of air in the home is from bottom to top.  As air comes into the crawl space, it makes it’s way to the upper levels of your home. That means that the damp, musty crawl space environment can change the upstairs living environment.

The biggest problem that Kansas City homeowners face in their crawl spaces is moisture. Here and all over the Midwest, water vapor streams from the soil year round. This creates a very damp crawl space. A damp crawl space is an attraction to all types of bugs and critters, a breeding ground for mold, and it deteriorates your foundation and rots your floorboards.

A healthier crawl space in four steps

Fix any water seepage problems
The first step is to fix water seepage problems. These problems could be as a result of plumbing leaks, rainwater or a high water table. It could be a simple solution such as grading or extending your downspouts. It could require trenching or foundation crack sealing. In some cases, it is necessary to install a sump pump to keep ground water away from the crawl space.

Isolate your home from the earth
Even if you took care of seepage problems in your dirt crawl space, you will continue to have moisture problems if you do not seal the crawl space. This is best done with a crawl space liner. A liner will seal out moisture, soil gases and even make bugs and critters feel unwelcome.

Seal vents and openings
Many homes have vents in their crawl spaces. This is based on an ancient idea that air would pass through one side of crawl space and exit out of the other side, taking moisture with it. Instead, the vents bring in moist air from the outside.

Condition the crawl space air
Now with the crawl space sealed,  you can condition the air in your crawl space. An energy efficient dehumidifier will make sure that the air is clean and remains dry. You can also condition the crawl space environment with a fan that uses the upstairs air condition unit.

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