How To Choose the Best Basement Waterproofer

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How To Choose the Best Basement WaterprooferWhen you find water in your basement, it’s not difficult to find a basement waterproofer.  If you are in Kansas City, use your favorite search engine and type in “basement waterproofing” and you are sure to find a plethora of basement waterproofing companies. No two companies are exactly the same, and you might find it is not as easy to decide where you should invest your money.

Get an estimate

You should not go with a company that will give to you a price quote over the phone. Every basement is different, and the type of work required to repair one basement might not be the same work that is required for another one. If they are a competent basement waterproofer, they will want to do an inspection of the basement to determine the right solution for you. If the basement contractor is not interested in inspecting your basement, you shouldn’t be interested in them.

Licensed, Insured and Bonded

You will have a crew of workers in your basement, and they will be working in close proximity with your foundation (a very critical part of your home’s structure). Always ask if the basement contractor is licensed, insured and bonded. You want to know that they are qualified to work on your home, and that you are protected in the event of loss or damage.

Get references

Every company believes that they are the best, but what you want to know is how their customers felt about the services that were performed on their wet basements. Any company, who works with thousands of homeowners every year, has the potential of receiving some negative reviews, but make sure that the majority of the reviews are positive. Focus on the important factors like customer service, honesty and reliability. You should be able to see reviews on the company’s website or ask the representative to provide them to you.

Best bang for your buck

The lowest bid is always attractive, but avoid the temptation of choosing a company just to save money. Hiring an unqualified basement contractor will temporarily save money, but in the long run, you will spend more to properly waterproof your basement. On the same principle, don’t hire a company with the highest bid, assuming that their price reflects their quality. Try to find a company within your budget that has a history of performing quality work and turning wet basements into dry basements.

Dry Basement Householder ® Systems is Kansas City’s leading basement waterproofer and foundation repair specialists, we have helped over 30,000 Kansas City area homeowners with permanent basement waterproofing since 1975. But don’t take our word for it. Check out our customer reviews. Our satisfactory rating with our customers has also earned for us an A+ rating with the Kansas City Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Quotes from some of  Dry Basement Systems’ customers:

Sandra H. – Raytown, MO 64138

“…an explosion in the South Kansas City area in the 1980’s caused years of foundation problems including leaning walls and a leaky basement. I did my homework on companies to do the foundation work, and Dry Basement was my choice because they had and A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and over 34 years of experience in the metro area! If I had to do this all over again, I would choose Dry Basement again, absolutely hands down!…”

Lance & Jennifer F. – Greenwood, MO 64034

“We waited almost a year to send in this card about Dry Basement™ Systems to make sure that the basement waterproofing work was good. We’ve had no problem with water leaking at all and we’re very happy!”

Dry Basement HouseHolder® Systems
5121 East Front Street
Kansas City, MO 64120

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