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Why You Should Finish Your Basement

Posted by on Tuesday, 20 July, 2010

If you’re living above an abandoned basement of concrete floor and walls, take another visit below because you are missing out on enjoying valuable living space. At first glance, your basement seems to be worth serving no other purpose than to hold all of your junk that you couldn’t sell in your garage sale five years ago, but take another look.

How much storage space do you really need?

You lit up at the thought of all of that lower-level storage space when the Realtor showed the house to you, but now several years down the road, you only visit your basement every few years for that much needed Spring cleaning. You must admit, you’re only using your basement to hold your unwanted junk before it finally goes to the curb. In most homes, unfinished basements are generally cluttered and unorganized. If you organized the few things worth keeping into a storage room (as opposed to an entire floor of your house), you would quickly see what large space has been wasted. Using the space for your kids’ play room seems like a better use of space. Or for your home theater system. Or for the pool table that you’ve been wanting. The ideas and possibilities of what you can do with extra space in your home are endless.

Make it comfortable

Sure, there’s plenty of space to do virtually anything that you want, but who wants to hang out on a cold, concrete floor? Turning your dark, damp basement into a dry, beautiful living area seems like an impossible task, but really it’s not. Kansas City’s Basement Magic® has been finishing and remodeling basements for 35 years. Thousands of area residents have trusted them to turn their old, musty and sometimes leaky basements from drab to fab. Basement Magic’s experienced crew uses only material that is meant for a basement, so you don’t have to worry about durability issues as you would with standard household materials. The materials that they use are also installed in less time, so you will be relaxing in your comfortable basement family room sooner!

Increase your home’s value

A house that is sold with a finished basement almost always appraises at a higher value than one without. Even if your plans are to always live in your current home, you do not know what changes will come in the future. You could take a job in another area or decide that you want to be closer to family. In the event that you decide to sell your house, a finished basement will help you to get the selling price that you want out of your home.

Unwanted guests: keep out!

We can’t guarantee that your friends and in-laws won’t want to come to visit more often after you install your wet bar and big screen in your basement, but we can tell you that most of your unwanted guests will stay away. Rodents, spiders and other insects love your basement now. It’s damp and dark, and they aren’t bothered too often by the owners. When you decide to take advantage of the lower space of your house that is very much yours, these little creatures won’t be visiting anymore. You can enjoy your finished basement with your family in peace and quiet.

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