Don’t Put Off Your Home Foundation Repair

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Your foundation is most important

The foundation is the stability of your home. Your house was not built until a firm foundation was laid. A firm foundation was needed for your house to stand, and is needed for it to remain standing. A reliable contractor would not even consider building a house upon a faulty foundation. But even good, solid foundations have the potential of sinking, cracks and other foundation settlement issues. When these things happen, they must not be ignored. Your entire home depends on it!

When your foundation begins to have settlement issues, you will probably see a crack in the foundation wall. The foundation shifts and begins to separate the concrete. In addition to weakening your home’s support system, these cracks create great potential for leaks into your basement or crawlspace. Once a rainstorm leaves you with a flooded basement,  you will wish that you had noticed the problem and fixed it sooner.

Cracks not only appear in the foundation wall, but they can also appear in the main and upper levels of the house. Many people find a crack here or there and shrug it off as “oh, it’s just the house settling”. Yes, it is the house settling, and it’s a sign that your foundation needs attention.

When the condition is more severe, you might have problems opening or closing doors, windows and cabinets. You might also see bowed and uneven walls and floors. When your home was built, the contractor used an instrument that made sure that everything was square and level. This was based upon the squareness of the foundation. So when the foundation shifts and is no longer level, everything else shifts with it.

Your foundation must be fixed immediately

Foundation repair isn’t easy unless you have a company with years of experience and expertise. You’ve found Dry Basement Householder® Systems, with over 35 years of experience, in the Kansas City, Missouri area. We have solutions based upon your individual needs. The sooner you act, the less it will cost you to repair your home’s foundation. It’s true that repairs cost more with time. A crack in the wall or a sinking foundation might be repaired easier through injection or our Householder® Anchor System than if you wait until it is necessary to completely rebuild your foundation walls. The longer that you put it off, more damage is being done to your foundation and home.

Dry Basement HouseHolder® Systems is ready to work with you on your foundation. We serve the Kansas City metro area and we can be reached at 816-741-8500. You can also fill out our convenient quote request form on our website to get started.

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